Escape to Frankfurt

Guess what? You can take the train from Paris and be in Frankfurt in 3 hours and 30 minutes. And if you buy the tickets early you can get great prices. That's what I did back in mid-November.

Did my research before heading there, looked up speciality coffee places in town, great hotels and good photo spots. And I was not dissapointed. Frankfurt is the city of architecture, a mix between the old and the new. Skyscrapers and classic buildings blend in so well. In some corners of the city you can sense some strong New York city vibes.

We stayed at the great 25hours Hotel by Levi's - a Levi's themed hotel of the 25hours brand. I knew of this hotel chain from back when I visited Hamburg and Levi's is one of my favourite clothing brands so the choice was obvious. The location of the hotel is excellent, just a few meters away from the central train station.

Coffee wise we repeated at a great place called "The Holy Cross Brewing Society". Great and cosy little coffeeshop that makes some delicious flatwhites.

Just like in France, Frankfurt was deserted on Sunday. It was a short visit that left me wanting to come back during summer.